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Sophos reinvents antivirus with Cloud lookup

Sophos Reinvents Antivirus With Cloud Lookup.

Sophos has become the latest security vendor to harness its antivirus software to a collective database based on cloud detection.

The company announced the loud-based ‘Live Protection’ system as part of the new version of its all-in-one business security client, Endpoint Data Protection 9.5.

PCs running the software still use local signature databases but in the event that the threat engine detects a file with suspicious design, or simply one it cannot classify, it can now reach out to the cloud database as a second line of checking. Files are quarantined until identified.

Most mid-sized businesses ignore the risks of technology disasters

Symantec (producers of Norton antivirus software) has produced compelling evidence that small and mid-sized businesses are seldom well-prepared to deal with technology disasters. Their 2009 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey (based on interviews with more than 1650 respondents from 28 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America) shows a large discrepancy between how SMBs perceive their disaster readiness and their actual level of preparedness.

The data also suggests SMB downtime costs their customers tens of thousands of euros each year. As a result, the findings show that SMBs can – and often do – lose business as a direct result of being unprepared for disasters.

Supply chain management for the construction industry

At its core, supply chain management is the oversight of materials, information and finances and the coordination and integration of flow within and among companies. While a relatively new and still somewhat unsophisticated concept within the construction industry, the process was formalised in the 1980s and has been entrenched in the manufacturing sector for nearly three decades.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the need for Construction Supply Chain Management (CSCM) is to first cite an example of an especially messy project aftermath. The result is an epic battle between MGM Properties and Dubai World, the owners of the new CityCenter in Las Vegas, NV; and Perini Building Company, the primary contractor on the job. In late March, the simmering dispute erupted into a full-blown legal confrontation with nearly a half-billion dollars up for grabs.