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Cisco entering Tablet market with Android-based device for business

Cisco entering tablet market with business-focused, Android-based device.

Cisco announced today the Cius, an Android-based seven-inch tablet computer aimed at the enterprise. The device will feature both front and rear-facing cameras, Cisco TelePresence-compatible video conferencing and access to applications such as Cisco Quad, WebEx and AnyConnect Security VPN Client, as well as access to the Android app store. The launch further diversifies Cisco’s offerings.

The device will weigh 1.15 pounds and feature Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data, Bluetooth, and HD audio and video. In addition to its phone-like docking station, the Cius will support Bluetooth keyboards and mice. Cisco says the tablet will be available for customer trials Q3 2010, followed by general availability Q1 2011.

Mobile Working

Mobile working offers business people the tools to complete tasks such as accessing the internet, communicating with colleagues, suppliers and customers and working on documents, spreadsheets and presentations while out of the office, using a handheld PDA or a USB stick to access mobile broadband via a laptop.

What’s it do?

Mobile working allows business people to keep in touch with the office and to make best use of ‘dead time’ by catching up with emails when travelling, for example. It can also help improve people’s work-life balance by allowing them to spend more time away from the office.

In the cloud

Cloud computing – which includes Software as a Service (SaaS) – means that your programs and data are held on servers which are owned and managed by a third party. You then connect to them over the Internet.

There are many good business reasons for using cloud computing. You do not have the capital outlay for the server hardware, software licences and data centres. You can pay by subscription, or even on a “pay as you go” basis. Also, the servers are located in secure data centres and managed to a higher level than is normally possible or economic for most businesses.