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IT and Project Management jobs on the decline in the UK

The IT Job Board’s latest Skills in Demand report indicates that IT support roles are now in most demand in the UK

* Number of IT Manager jobs continues to decrease, for fifth consecutive month
* IT support roles are now the highest number represented on the site
* Sector sees an increase in demand for roles including: SQL, web developer, Java and .net

For the first time this year, IT support roles have taken over from IT manager jobs as the highest number represented on The IT Job Board ( That’s the finding from the company’s latest Skills in Demand report.

ONE magazine. Eleven languages.

Security is the main theme for the latest issue of ONE magazine, which is published in eleven languages for midsize organisations around Europe. There are also interesting articles about ERP and improved productivity. To read ONE in the language of your choice, please click on the relevant link below:












To learn more about dealing with security issue please click here for a host of resources.

ERP workflow integration

The aim of an ERP system is to provide an integrated solution to all business areas of a particular enterprise. Ideally, you have one software system that the entire company can access and work with. So, for example, all the data for finance, sales, accounting, human resources and inventory is managed in one central repository and each business group within the organization accesses only the subset of data that they need.