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Will Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype kick-start video-conferencing?

Will Microsoft’s $8.5 billion purchase of Skype kill or be the making of video-conferencing?

Video-conferencing has a lot going for it, said Dave Sumner Smith on the forum a few months ago. “Video-conferencing technology is easier to use than ever. The arguments in favour of face-to-face conversations over the web are compelling. And still its use in business remains very limited. Will it ever take off?”

“It won’t become commonplace until it is more reliable,” said Chris Conder. “The infrastructure to support it isn’t good enough in many places.”

Will budget constraints prove the catalyst to businesses adopting VOIP?

Lower costs and simpler IT support requirements are just two of the reasons for businesses to implement hosted VOIP solutions said telecoms expert Gail Holt.

Purchasing expensive infrastructure is no longer required for communication systems, she stated, as providers take care of that side of things, leading to substantial cost reductions. Also, hosted VOIP systems can be administered easily via a web-based interface, meaning lower IT support costs, she added.
“Hosted VOIP is an operating expense rather than a capital expense, so all businesses need to pay is an affordable monthly service fee to have access to a range of capabilities that can improve productivity and connect the business to advanced telephony,” she said (