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How important is IT in defining a business strategy?

It was a simple enough question…: “What is an IT strategy and what does it achieve?,” asked Kevin Howe-Patterson. “How do you know you’ve got a good IT strategy?”

Simple it may be, but it prompted a fierce debate. “One that completely supports the strategic goals of the business, bearing in mind also that the strategic goals could in themselves change in light of the possibilities that IT brings to the table”, said Mike Briercliffe. “A proactive approach to how the business is able to get the best use of its technology,” added Oli Rhys.

Is mass marketing becoming obsolete?

A digital marketing approach and its associated channels are critical for overcoming the declining effectiveness of mass marketing, according to Gartner, Inc. Although marketers have been using digital channels as part of their campaign management strategies for more than 10 years, most are using them for traditional push, mass-marketed, interruption-type execution of campaigns rather than a two-way engagement approach.

“Mass marketing is no longer a long-term strategy. Mass-marketing campaigns have a 2 percent response rate and are on the decline, whereas by 2015, digital strategies, such as social and mobile marketing, will influence at least 80 percent of consumers’ discretionary spending,” said Adam Sarner, research director at Gartner. “Marketers still need to shift their traditional campaign management strategy around executing campaigns to a customer and move toward a digital marketing, two-way engagement approach.”

Cloud, mobility, and consumerisation are stressing corporate IT

2011 End User Device Survey

Cloud, mobility, and consumerization are stressing corporate IT, says Jonathan Feldman of InformationWeek

 Think you can hold the line against the forces pressuring the corporate desktop as we know it? Maybe, if you’re in a very security-conscious or heavily regulated company. But the better question is: Should you?

The IT issues for 2011: data privacy, security, management and sovereignty

With more and more data moving to online environments and being hosted outside the traditional enterprise firewall, a myriad of questions are being raised surrounding data privacy, security, management, and sovereignty, says Peter O’Connor, VP ANZ & ASEAN at NetApp.

Writing on he says: “Careful consideration needs to be given to standards and regulations around data protection and storage. How will these compliance policies affect business outcomes? And how will they work in a global economy in which companies cross so many borders?”


Policy-makers setting the pace

Ten key changes in the world of work over the next ten years

The world of today is dramatically different from 20 years ago and with the lines between work and non-work already badly frayed, Gartner, Inc.  predicts that the nature of work will witness 10 key changes through 2020. Organisations will need to plan for increasingly chaotic environments that are out of their direct control, and adaptation must involve adjusting to all 10 of the trends.