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Are you moving storage to the cloud?

Business is brisk when it comes to take up of cloud storage options, if you believe the reports. According to Sci-Tech Today: “Cloud services are becoming more and more popular and are expected to rise from 500 million subscriptions worldwide this year to 1.3 billion by 2017.”

The cloud offers a scalable, cost-effective solution to a 21st century need – somewhere to keep increasingly large volumes of data.

Yet not all is as rosy as it seems. Many members of this forum had doubts and concerns about shifting mission critical and sensitive data off site.

Where do you plan to keep all your data?

Big data means big storage. The problem is that too many businesses are outgrowing their data storage capacity and have little idea how to address the issue.

“The hottest technologies in the channel today are storage and backup – two products/services that essentially ensure mission-critical, archived and unstructured data can be called upon when needed,” said Larry Walsh on Channelomics.

Processing data is already big business. According to Deloitte, total enterprise software sales this year will top $270 billion, with approximately one-quarter of those sales going to Big Data, enterprise resource management and business intelligence.

How can you store all that data?

Storage, it seems, is starting to take centre stage when it comes to the list of greatest concerns among IT professionals. The problem appears to be twofold: the amount of data is growing significantly and the cost of storing it is not dropping very fast.


According to Oracle’s Big Data Business Challenges report, 94% of C-level executives say their organisation is collecting and managing more business information today than two years ago, by an average increase of 86%.