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Is Your Company Prepared to Thrive or Merely Survive?

By Harish Venkat, Vice President, Global Business Development and Product Marketing at Oracle


When I speak with CIOs about what they’re concerned with, I hear a lot of talk about staying competitive by leveraging IT to drive business transformation. In a recent survey of about 100 business leaders, Gatepoint Research found that organizations are turning to vendor-integrated hardware and software solutions to drive business transformation, while simultaneously achieving cost-effective performance, adaptability, and security goals. When asked how IT could better address business needs, respondents indicated that IT has to be integral to the business:


Cloud, mobility, and consumerisation are stressing corporate IT

2011 End User Device Survey

Cloud, mobility, and consumerization are stressing corporate IT, says Jonathan Feldman of InformationWeek

 Think you can hold the line against the forces pressuring the corporate desktop as we know it? Maybe, if you’re in a very security-conscious or heavily regulated company. But the better question is: Should you?

New technology: risk or opportunity?

by Martin Courtney

Research published last month suggests that 20 % of European technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies see new technology as their biggest business risk.

While the majority of the 692 global companies polled identified economic and political factors as bigger potential threats to their success, the unrelenting pace of change within IT undermines the confidence of others looking to balance innovation in pursuit of a competitive edge against the risks often introduced by new technology into their IT infrastructure.

IT software buyers look online for advice: survey

By Grant Buckler

Business people contemplating technology purchases today rely heavily on online forums, communities and blogs to do their research. Most purchasers use mobile devices, and a growing number get information – and recommendations – through social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

So if you’re marketing to business customers, you’d do well to pay attention to digital media and mobile, concludes a recent survey by Softchoice Corp. of Toronto. But remember that not everyone has access.

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