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Choosing the best social technology for your business

By  Eva Kaplan-Leiserson

Social networking is the game changer for business. If you own or run a business of any kind, whether it’s a solo practice or a worldwide enterprise employing thousands of workers, social networking is quickly becoming a key connection point between your business and your customers.

Starbucks, Dell Computer, Zappos, and many other large enterprises have invested millions of dollars to build sophisticated social networking systems. Smaller and individual enterprises are using free, off-the-shelf services—such as Facebook and Twitter—to create viable social networks that build brand loyalty, increase their customer base, and ultimately drive sales.

How important, really, is social media to a business

“It took television 13 years to reach 50 million users and the Internet four years to reach that milestone, but it only took Facebook about six months to reach the 50 million mark,” said Colin Pope (

Facebook officially hit the half-billion member mark last year. According to figures from Socialbakers, there are now some 640m Facebook users worldwide. ( Users accessing the site through mobile devices now tops 200m – an enormous 200% increase in around a year.

Twitter now officially claims to have 175m registered users ( with 95m tweets written each day – a staggering 250% increase, says Jake Hurd (

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

 While Facebook marketing is on the rise among small businesses, many are still struggling to master the basics.

“Many people have difficulty with just the basic Page set up,” says social media marketing consultant Nicole Krug. “For example, I still see people setting up their business as a profile page instead of a business Page. I have other clients who jumped into Groups when they came out and have divided their fan base.”

Here are five more common Facebook marketing mistakes to avoid:

1. Broadcasting

Should staff be free to access social networking sites while at work?

Why not? Staff can chat while making a cup of coffee, around the watercooler or while on a cigarette break. So what’s the difference between them and, say, Facebook?

Some corporates blanket block access to many sites – and not just social media. Hotmail accounts are a prime site to which many deny access, for example. A study last year showed that in the US, more than half banned the use of social media at work (

But is it an outmoded policy? According to a book due out this spring, for a business to survive in these fast changing times, they need to adopt a far looser management style.

What role can Twitter play in business?

How important is Twitter in business communications? “Increasingly more companies use Twitter for business – to do market research, do brand advocacy and reputation management and provide selected highlights from a conference or event. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and thus generate new opportunities,” says Andra Picincu on

It was Oli Rhys who posted the original comment on the forum: “Would you agree that Twitter has become a one way street of communication with everyone posting and nobody listening anymore?,” he said.