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The IT issues for 2011: data privacy, security, management and sovereignty

With more and more data moving to online environments and being hosted outside the traditional enterprise firewall, a myriad of questions are being raised surrounding data privacy, security, management, and sovereignty, says Peter O’Connor, VP ANZ & ASEAN at NetApp.

Writing on he says: “Careful consideration needs to be given to standards and regulations around data protection and storage. How will these compliance policies affect business outcomes? And how will they work in a global economy in which companies cross so many borders?”


Policy-makers setting the pace

Demand for social media consultants remains high

While most professions continue to struggle in the gloomy jobs market, exclusive figures from Europe’s largest online business marketplace  show the most in-demand skill is that of the social media consultant, writes Jessica Albert on

Job postings for ‘Twitter consultants’ have jumped more than 300% this year as increasing numbers of businesses recognise the value of using social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as an integral part of their marketing plans.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for social media experts to oversee the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of a very wide variety of companies,” said founder Xenios Thrasyvoulou.

Tomorrow’s must-have IT skills revealed

It’s the one question anyone of working age wants to know the answer to: what specific skills will be required in the coming years?

Well, Stacy Collett reports on Computer World that while IT knowledge will be more ubiquitous, employers will be clamouring for these five specialised tech skills.

“In 2020, technical expertise will no longer be the sole province of the IT department,” she says. “Employees throughout the organisation will understand how to use technology to do their jobs.