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Can you outsource a mission critical function?

Forrester has said its clients are looking for more options when it comes to IT service and outsourcing providers, and there’s a new option available to them: domestic outsourcing. In short looking closer to home. Are there benefits?

“For many years, India has been the answer for large companies that need to save money and increase their IT bandwidth,” it said. “Indian vendors, in fact, revolutionised the IT services industry by delivering higher quality, lower cost services with a never-let-the-client-down mentality.”

“Unfortunately, today, India is not the best delivery location for all IT work or for all companies. India is overworked — some might even say tapped out.”

What are the risk factors in outsourcing mission critical IT functions?

It used to be said that business trends followed seven year cycles.

That may have shortened a bit in recent times, but the one undeniable fact is that businesses big and small, private and public, Europe, Asia or wherever, go through periods of outsourcing followed by periods of bringing functions back in-house, and so on. It’s as though it’s impossible to decide which is the best option.

One reason is that both options have pros and cons. Outsourcing is far more flexible in that it can be expanded or contracted to fit short term needs. It gives access to expertise that would otherwise be beyond many an organisation and it means the company outsourcing has access to the latest systems and practices.