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Flexibility and agility are key to tech-driven business success

A new Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report into the ways technology will change organisations between now and 2020 reveals that businesses will have nowhere to hide from the disrupting yet energising effects of technology change.

Those with flexible processes, agile structures, and the right tools for their people and customers, will be able to adjust quickly and will find technology-led change invigorating and laden with opportunity.

The need for change, as a result of technology, is largely attributed to an increase of low cost computing power, storage and bandwidth available via the cloud. It is also recognised that organisations will continue to accumulate increasing volumes of data, from a growing variety of sources at accelerating speeds; big data.

Is internet regulation such a bad idea?

Should the US President – should anyone – have the power to shut down the internet during a period of cyber terrorism?

Keeping the internet free from regulation, state interference and corporate control has divided nations. While China along with many other nations makes no secret of its wish to control who can access what and when most see the internet as a free, open and unregulated platform.

Now A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the internet during a cyberattack.

Is mass marketing becoming obsolete?

A digital marketing approach and its associated channels are critical for overcoming the declining effectiveness of mass marketing, according to Gartner, Inc. Although marketers have been using digital channels as part of their campaign management strategies for more than 10 years, most are using them for traditional push, mass-marketed, interruption-type execution of campaigns rather than a two-way engagement approach.

“Mass marketing is no longer a long-term strategy. Mass-marketing campaigns have a 2 percent response rate and are on the decline, whereas by 2015, digital strategies, such as social and mobile marketing, will influence at least 80 percent of consumers’ discretionary spending,” said Adam Sarner, research director at Gartner. “Marketers still need to shift their traditional campaign management strategy around executing campaigns to a customer and move toward a digital marketing, two-way engagement approach.”

What’s the next big internet development?

A bit like a child at Christmas who can’t wait for the next present, no sooner is one significant, life-changing innovation unleashed on us, that we are clamouring for the next.

Internet chatter now is all about the Next Big Thing. And when you look back over the last five years alone, the developments that have taken place, and the dramatic way in which they have impacted on our daily lives, is enormous.

But still the talk goes on. Any why not? Each new development is breathtaking in its creativity, technological innovation and social impact. So, what is next?

Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses


A global trial of the net’s new addressing system is being planned for 8 June.

The test is being held to raise awareness about the imminent change from version 4 of the addressing scheme to version 6.

Net giants Google, Facebook, Akamai and Yahoo have committed to taking part in the “test flight” of IPv6.

Net firms are being encouraged to switch to IPv6 as addresses in the old scheme will run out by November 2011.

“The good news is that internet users don’t need to do anything special to prepare for World IPv6 Day,” said Lorenzo Colitti, a network engineer at Google in a blog post.