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Is Your Company Prepared to Thrive or Merely Survive?

By Harish Venkat, Vice President, Global Business Development and Product Marketing at Oracle


When I speak with CIOs about what they’re concerned with, I hear a lot of talk about staying competitive by leveraging IT to drive business transformation. In a recent survey of about 100 business leaders, Gatepoint Research found that organizations are turning to vendor-integrated hardware and software solutions to drive business transformation, while simultaneously achieving cost-effective performance, adaptability, and security goals. When asked how IT could better address business needs, respondents indicated that IT has to be integral to the business:


What does big data mean to you?

There’s no denying it; we are becoming deluged with data. But we are also really rather good at handling it! On an individual basis the amount of facts and figures we assimilate each day is vast. But it’s going to get even bigger.

“The next revolution of the internet is not going to be built on manual input of information by 500m or a billion users. Rather, there is much greater potential in connecting computers to sensors so that valuable new information can be created automatically without human data entry. The data is growing enormously,” says the New York Times.

Outbursts of immaturity

By Martin Banks

If there one thing I thought the words `mission critical’ might conjure up it is a sense of maturity, if only on the basis that `this stuff is serious business, best be serious about it for the sake of the business’. Yet it has to be said that the history of the IT business is splattered with examples of spats and infighting between the vendors.

I had hoped to see that such juvenile delinquency was a thing of the past with the emergence of the cloud. But it appears I am going to be proved wrong and the habits of a lifetime will still come to the fore.