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What plans do you have to optimise your data centre?

Spiralling power and cooling costs, unplanned downtime, together with the need for new services are placing data centres under an increasing burden.

Add to that the need to minimise the pressure on application infrastructure as new industry trends such as mobility and big data emerge, and they are facing a challenging future.

“Energy costs continue to be the fastest growing data centre expense,” said Vaibhav Bhatia, a senior consultant with the Sustainability Practice. “It is reportedly exceeding the cost of computing equipment itself.”

How can data centre managers keep their cool?

The thing about data centres is that they are a bit heavy on the energy front. Not good from an environmental point of view and, as energy costs rise, not good from a profit and loss perspective either.

It’s a major issue for centre managers as they grapple with keeping their cool while meeting both their financial and eco expectations.

When Paul Curran reported on the forum recently that water was one again being used as a basis for cooling projects, it provoked some interesting debate.

Maximising consolidation ROI with real-time data integration

By Irem Radzik, Director of Product Marketing for Oracle Data Integration products.

Too many platforms, too many technologies and too many vendors to manage—this is a familiar complaint from many IT managers these days. While trying to keep up with the exponential data growth and demand for performance and innovation, most enterprises find themselves in this situation. To make matters more convoluted, the entrance of niche applications and technology trends like social computing and analytics, cloud computing, and even big data have created more silos of information. The resulting complex and rigid infrastructure leads not only to high hardware and management-related costs but also to a reduced ability to quickly develop new solutions for business users and customers.

Communication is the key to ensuring uptime in mission-critical data centres

By David M. DiQuinzio,

Ask anyone involved with mission-critical facilities to list steps that can be taken to increase reliability and the answers are likely to involve technology: uninterruptible power supply systems, generators, redundant chillers and so on. But hardware is only part of the story. Soft skills also are important. And perhaps no soft skill is more essential than communication. That’s because miscommunication can wreak as much havoc as a utility power outage.