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What is the different between social media and snake oil?

With more than a billion unique users of social media, just how much longer can those businesses who have yet to embrace it hold out? And why do they?

Perhaps it’s based on a misconception over what social media is, and why those at work want to use it. “Social media is not about conversations on Twitter and Facebook nor check-ins on Foursquare or Places, or flipped videos on YouTube. It’s about using this opportunity to build bridges to a new genre of customers and the people who influence their decisions,” said Brian Solis, as reported on the forum.

Social media or SaaS – which is behind the growth in CRM?

Analyst firm Gartner is predicting that businesses will increase spending on software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementations by nearly 21% this year as tight capital budgets force IT leaders to embrace pay-as-you-go computing.

While SaaS has been around for more than a decade, many firms are re-evaluating its potential, said Tom Eid, an analyst at Gartner.

“Initial concerns about security, response time and service availability have diminished for many organisations as SaaS business and computing models have matured and adoption has become more widespread,” he said.

Are companies taking full advantage of mobility?

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company in the US has just launched a mobile version of its contact management package aimed at iPad users. It says, with dealerPAD, dealers can access important functions from anywhere, at anytime such as creating and updating customer records to searching the dealer’s vehicle inventory. Salesnet has also recently launched its mobile CRM for smartphones

Yet despite the evolution of such products to mobile applications, are companies taking full advantage of mobility, asked Graham Whistance on this forum. “Everyone gets their email on the move but how many companies really use mobility to the lengths they could?,” he said. “Do people access their CRM, accounts, ERP and reporting tools on the go? If not why not?”

What is the key to implementing a successful CRM strategy?

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management strategy and system is one thing. Getting staff to adopt it is another. “CRM adoption is a hot topic that has been around from day one and has seen many iterations of the good, bad and ugly when it comes to what adoption factors work,” said Bill Noonan. (

According to research firm Business Intelligence: “CRM is high on the corporate agenda.” Recent research it conducted shows that six out of 10 companies have already started out on the CRM journey and a further one in four are planning to do so. “Improved customer profitability, life-time value and increased sales are just some of the benefits,” it says. (

Where is CRM heading?

The software and packages surrounding customer relationship management (CRM) seem to be going through something of a major evolution at the moment.

According to the latest research from Gartner, the CRM market is set for a shake-up in the next three years as global spending on social CRM software passes the €735m (£620m) mark. (