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Mobile: The next frontier for Enterprise Content Management

By Aaron Levie, CMS Wire

Mobile is the next great frontier for ECM. It’s also going to be incredibly disruptive. Here’s why.

Managing Enterprise Content Management

Vendors have traditionally taken a heavy-handed approach to the “management” part of ECM, locking down content and dictating its movement through highly structured workflows. This made sense in the client-server paradigm, where security meant keeping information and collaboration within the firewall.

But over the last few years, the needs of today’s organisations have changed dramatically: the workplace has exploded beyond the office walls, and workers increasingly need to be able to access and share crucial business content from anywhere, on any device.

Growing number of specialist publishers charge for online content

More than a third of specialist publishers in the UK are charging for online content, the InPublishing/Specialist Media Show survey has found.

Preliminary analysis of the cross industry research found that 34 per cent of publishers provide paywalled content now and 15 per cent plan to so so in the next two years.

The survey, carried out by eDigitalResearch, is backed by the PPA, InPublishing, University of Leicester and Wessenden Marketing. It questioned around 200 MDs, publishers and owners of consumer and B2B niche publishing companies with a turnover of under £10m, asking for their views on paid online content, live events, apps, digital editions, social media and print.

LinkedIn acquires business card scanning firm CardMunch

Professional networking site LinkedIn has acquired CardMunch, a startup that supplies technology for scanning and transcribing business cards.

The technology is aimed at helping users to manage business contacts by scanning business cards and storing the information digitally.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and as such, provides the perfect platform for us to execute the CardMunch vision,” the company said in a statement.

LinkedIn does not plan to use the CardMunch application as a revenue spinner, but it is likely to be used to bring business card information into LinkedIn itself, according to the New York Times.

Will we ever become a paperless society?

The ‘holy grail’ of a paperless office has been on the agenda since PCs first become commonplace. Yet as each generation devises communication and data management systems that, in theory, bring that goal closer, in reality we are still a long way off.

The consensus from the Business Technology Forum, is that habits and old established working practices are the sticking point.

“Paper use is falling, but only by 1% a year,” said Leo Hickman on The Guardian ( “Businesses are keeping better records and this often means printing out a hard copy of emails and digital documents so they can be securely stored.”

How do you manage and disseminate mission-critical content?

The thing with information is that the simpler it gets to collect and distribute, the more of it there is. It’s also spread across more departments. “The bigger your business, the more data sources (emails, documents, databases, websites), data stores (servers, hard drives, smartphones), departments (sales, admin, creative, legal) and offices you will find information spread across,” said Geoff Spick on his blog. (

It may all be useful stuff, of course, but keeping tracks of such data – and ensuring all those who need to, have access – has led to a raft of content management and collaboration suites, and is one of the hot topics across the internet right now that we are monitoring at the Business Technology forum. In particular, how to cope with and manage all this content.