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Internet architects warn of risks in ultrafast networks

Arista Networks’ founders David Cheriton, a computer science professor at Stanford known for his skills in software design, and Andreas Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems say, the promise of having access to mammoth amounts of data instantly, anywhere, is matched by the threat of catastrophe.

People are creating more data and moving it ever faster on computer networks. The fast networks allow people to pour much more of civilization online, including not just Facebook posts and every book ever written, but all music, live video calls, and most of the information technology behind modern business, into a worldwide “cloud” of data centers. The networks are designed so it will always be available, via phone, tablet, personal computer or an increasing array of connected devices.

Intel launches high speed Thunderbolt connector

Chip manufacturer Intel has announced it is to roll out a new technology for connecting computers and peripherals.

The system, known as Thunderbolt, promises transfer speeds twice as fast as USB 3.0.

However it won’t reach its theoretical maximum because Intel has opted to use copper wires rather than fibre optic cables.

The company said it would gradually move to higher speeds over time.

Apple will become the first manufacturer to use Thunderbolt, on its Macbook Pro computers.

The Cupertino firm is said to have been a major driver of its development, although it remains to be seen how may other manufacturers will adopt the new standard.

Are we heading for a mobile app explosion?

The way businesses use technology, and in particular the number of innovations and new applications that appear, means many mid-sized business owners are left bewildered and worried that they may be missing out on a vital trend or development.

For example, the use by customers of mobile and smart phones for shopping and pre-purchase research is set to rise significantly according to some. Retailers, therefore, have to factor that into their plans.

Virgin Media mulls nationwide wi-fi network

Virgin Media is mulling the idea of creating a nationwide wi-fi network to compete with rival BT.

It said it had been inspired by cable operators who have launched wi-fi in other countries.

The cable broadband firm admitted it would be a “massive undertaking” and that no firm plans have yet been drawn up.

But it said it could offer a better alternative to 3G networks for those who crave data on the move.

“We are looking at way to converge data services. 3G networks are reaching a capacity crunch and wi-fi could offload traffic and offer a vastly superior overall throughput,” said a Virgin Media spokesman.

Europe tests business connectivity security

The first ever pan-European connectivity security test has been undertaken to gauge the resilience of business connectivity solutions on the continent.

The Cyber Europe 2010 initiative involved several EU member states and aimed to test the impact that wide spread security attacks would have on Europe and its economy.

EU member states joined forces with the European Network Security Agency and the Joint Research Centre to simulate a series of attacks and the organisations are expected to test a series of more complex scenarios in the future.