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Flexibility and agility are key to tech-driven business success

A new Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report into the ways technology will change organisations between now and 2020 reveals that businesses will have nowhere to hide from the disrupting yet energising effects of technology change.

Those with flexible processes, agile structures, and the right tools for their people and customers, will be able to adjust quickly and will find technology-led change invigorating and laden with opportunity.

The need for change, as a result of technology, is largely attributed to an increase of low cost computing power, storage and bandwidth available via the cloud. It is also recognised that organisations will continue to accumulate increasing volumes of data, from a growing variety of sources at accelerating speeds; big data.

Outbursts of immaturity

By Martin Banks

If there one thing I thought the words `mission critical’ might conjure up it is a sense of maturity, if only on the basis that `this stuff is serious business, best be serious about it for the sake of the business’. Yet it has to be said that the history of the IT business is splattered with examples of spats and infighting between the vendors.

I had hoped to see that such juvenile delinquency was a thing of the past with the emergence of the cloud. But it appears I am going to be proved wrong and the habits of a lifetime will still come to the fore.

What are the risk factors in outsourcing mission critical IT functions?

It used to be said that business trends followed seven year cycles.

That may have shortened a bit in recent times, but the one undeniable fact is that businesses big and small, private and public, Europe, Asia or wherever, go through periods of outsourcing followed by periods of bringing functions back in-house, and so on. It’s as though it’s impossible to decide which is the best option.

One reason is that both options have pros and cons. Outsourcing is far more flexible in that it can be expanded or contracted to fit short term needs. It gives access to expertise that would otherwise be beyond many an organisation and it means the company outsourcing has access to the latest systems and practices.