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86% of IT professionals admit reliance on paper records

The findings of a survey by document management software company Version One highlight that 86% of senior IT professionals are still reliant on paper records with over half of these (51%) stating that they are VERY reliant.

Just 1% of respondents state that they “hardly ever” have to rely on paper records. Version One carried out the research with 86 senior IT professionals (IT directors and managers) across a range of UK and Irish public and private sector organisations.

IT-enabled mergers and acquisitions

by Aaron Lazenby

McKinsey & Company released research in April 2010 about how mergers and acquisitions (M&A) leaders are using technology to streamline the acquisition and integration processes. Here, McKinsey partners Hugo Sarrazin and Andrew West discuss some of these findings.

Why do so many mergers, carefully thought out in terms of strategy, markets, and organization, stumble on the integration of technology and operations? One reason is that executives from IT and operations are often absent from the due diligence process, where they could offer invaluable input on the costs and practical realities of integration.

How Business Process Management (BPM) streamlines business

To stay competitive in the marketplace a business needs to be cost effective. This is largely accomplished by streamlining the operations of the business and making sure the processes are running at peak efficiency. All businesses run via processes and Business Process Management (BPM) is a technology developed to give businesses the framework in which to manage more effectively the processes that make them tick. BPM technology is able to automate the managing of processes in your business, but allows for human intervention wherever necessary.

Business uses of ‘Social CRM’

The year 2010 is proving to be the year of Social CRM opening a lot of potential for the IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers. The sooner BPO companies get to realize the unexploited prospect of the social CRM, the better it will be in building their overall competencies.

With growing number of Internet users flocking to the social networking sites, the Social CRM holds the key to ensure top technology use to rock all over 2010. In the last year or so, the social networking sites experienced a phenomenal growth in the total number of ready users.