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Where do you sit on the BI maturity scale?

By Mike Jenkins


The BI Maturity Model explains five levels of an organisation’s business intelligence maturity. It paints very graphic pictures of each level and offers some suggestions to move to the next. Everyone and their organisation fit this model somewhere.


The Model



As you see, there are five levels. Each builds upon the previous level to explain and promote the use of business intelligence at your organisation.


Whether you are a one-person operation or a multi-billion dollar business, your team fits on this model somewhere.


Reform is no prescription for better decision-making

by Paul Curran

The UK Government reckons that its proposed reform of the National Health Service will empower clinicians by putting decision-making in the hands of those best placed to protect patients’ rights.

Maybe so, but whatever the outcome of any reforms, publicly funded organisations – and private businesses for that matter – need to use information more intelligently if they are to make more informed decisions.

Only then can they influence their destiny, rather than discovering three months down the line that they’ve missed a target. In other words, they need instant access to accurate data on a daily basis.

What’s the future for BI?

“The next big thing in BI is cloud computing,” said Amanpal Singh writing on LinkedIn. “It’s quite complex to start with (traditional data warehouses do not translate well into cloud) but worth a shot in terms of RoI.

“Also, Mobile BI (Apps) will be phenomenal in this age of smart phones and tablets (post PC era). In terms of usage, BI applications will replace excel for data analysis very soon.”

Vineet Dahiya thought open source will be used increasingly to handle the innovations and social capabilities required in BI. “Open source BI platforms offer credible alternatives to launch innovative BI solutions and services delivered on-premise or SaaS,” he said.

Why bother with Business Intelligence?

What is the main reason for introducing a Business Intelligence system? Who uses it, what sort of information are they seeking and how is that effectiveness measured. BI is a hot topic being discussed among forum members.

“What do you want from your BI system and is it delivering?,” asked Lee Matthews. “Most businesses want their BI system to facilitate better decision making. And for good decisions we need good information.”

How can you measure the performance of your BI system?

It was the business guru Peter Drucker who said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. But how do you measure business intelligence performance?


Business intelligence is a subject that has had a lot of outings on the Forum over the past six months or so. Discussions have grown around the effectives of BI systems, their suitability for mid-sized business and how nomadic they are: can they be used across sectors.