The latest debates from the Mission Critical Systems Forum?

I was reading an article recently that explained how crisis management is a key part of a CIO’s remit.

“CIOs have to deal with crises on an almost daily basis, which are often unexpected and can have huge consequences in terms of business operations.” It said (

I don’t doubt it, but it started me thinking…. What are the big issues that form part of an IT crisis? In fact, what are the big issues that dominate the average working day for the IT teams? If the debates on the Mission Critical Systems Forum are a barometer, it’s wide-ranging. Here’s an example of recent additions.

What’s your view on software-defined storage? Is it failing to live up to expectations?

What about the use of wi-fi hotspots by staff? Is that an answer to security concerns over employees using their own devices at work?

Would you recommend a degree or an apprenticeship to someone starting a career in IT?

Do you have an opinion on why big business is unenthused by the public cloud?

How far will robotics encroach on the workforce?

Any thoughts on, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, smart cities, hyperconvergence, IoT and 3D printing?


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