Are you ready for robots at work?

Are you ready for robots at work? 

I came across an interesting word on the Mission Critical Systems Forum recently: CoBot (Collaborative Robots).

It was in a thread from Roger Attick, who regularly posts on issues relating to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. “CoBots work with humans, and they are a huge innovation and growth driver for the robotics industry. The CoBot sector, according to multiple pay-for research reports, is expected to increase roughly tenfold, exceeding $1B, between 2015 and 2020,” he says at

CoBots appear to be the soft side of workforce automation; rather than a machine taking over your entire role, it acts as a sort of PA.

It may go some way to addressing fears that machines will steal even the most white-collar work, as this post at suggests: “Bankers, teachers and doctors are among white collar workers who could see their roles replaced by machines, according to Forbes.”

Those in the creative sectors, though, need not worry, says Roger Attick again, at He suggests machine can do a lot, but original thought and creative ideas are not among them: “There are machine learning computers writing books and symphonies as we speak. Problem is, they aren’t any good…!” Do you agree? Will AI eventually lead to highly innovative and original thought process from machines?

To most, AI still seems to be some distant sci-fi activity. What surprised Kate Chandler, writing on the forum, is that AI is already being used fairly widely. “Three quarters of organisations are already using AI technologies in the workplace. Even though this includes predictive analytics, that seems a surprisingly large number for what is, after all, still a fairly new concept. What do you think?” she asks at

Perhaps the two should be merged into the Intelligence of Things, as this post at addresses.

What’s your take on the IoT and AI? Are you enthused?

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