What’s your view on staff using their own devices on corporate networks?

Walk down the street these days and chances are many – most even – of those you pass will be checking their mobile phone.

Smartphones, tablets and interconnected devices of all hues are never far away as we become increasingly driven by social media and the need for constant communication.

So I was surprised when I can across a piece on CIO recently (http://bit.ly/1Qb1Viy ) that stated mobility is in its infancy.

Infancy? The first mobile call was in 1973 – 43 years ago!

What CIO was really getting at was the lack of mobility employed by large organisations. How many routinely provide the hardware and security for staff to stay connected when away from their desk? And, let’s face it, more and more of us are becoming ‘remote’ workers so you could argue a secure smartphone should be as much a part of an employees’ kitbag as a desk.

This, of course, is the underlying driver behind BYOD – bring your own device – or the often preferred CYOD (the employee can choose from a portfolio and the employer ensures it is secured).

There are many debates and posts on the Mission Critical Systems Forum around the BYOD issue, such as: does it boost productivity; are we being over concerned about privacy and it is a headache for IT teams? You can view these discussion threads at http://bit.ly/28ZjVdS.

As ITPortal said (http://bit.ly/28MCRKv): “Let’s face it, just because an employee got a new iPhone for his/her birthday doesn’t mean IT received extra budget to buy a product to manage it.” However, it adds: “Mobile devices are embedded in our personal lives, and as a result, employees can be sensitive about IT having access to them.”

How do you manage employees’ need for mobility and privacy, and the technology to support that?

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